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Michel Serres

Michel Serres


Keynote video lecture* “Information and Thinking/l’information et la pensée”, 3 September, 09:15h 


I try to replace the traditional opposition of matter and mind with the couple of energy and information, as it is brought to light by physics. I try to draw the conclusions from it with regard to the vision of the world and the way of thinking. I end my talk with the image of the night, where the sparkle of the stars on a black background provides a better image of knowledge than the Platonic Sun or modern Enlightenment.

Michel Serres is a philosopher specialized in epistemology, a professor as well as a writer. Serres is not only an elected member of the prestigious French Academy (March 29th 1990) but he has also received France’s highest decoration, the National Order of the Legion of Honour. He taught at Vincennes, Paris I (from 1969 on) and Stanford University (from 1984 on) as professor of the history of science. His research not only focuses on the history of science but he is particularly interested in the possible links and interdisciplinarity between so-called hard sciences and social sciences. He has been instrumental in broadening debates on the relationship between various types of science so as to include them in broader cultural and political debates.

Recent publications include:

Dutch translations by Boom Uitgeverij:

Forthcoming in English:

ThumbelinaThumbelina: The Culture and Technology of Millennials, by Michel Serres (Rowman & Littlefield International) – English translation of the bestselling Petite Poucette – a timely and though-provoking exploration of the relationship between people and new technologies. Forthcoming November 2014




* – Unfortunately, due to health issues, Professor Serres had to cancel his trip to Utrecht. However, he kindly agreed to record a video of his lecture, which will be presented during the conference.